Thursday, May 12, 2011

Police Corruption, Police Abuse and Prosecutor Privileges? Rein In Your Own Before You Try To Rein in Others.....

Corruption, political scandal, police officers raping unwilling women, just a typical day in the wonderful city we call New York. New York, New York, big city of dreams if you're rich, wealthy and, I don't think I have to write the last adjective.....

Anyway, the recent news coming out of New York City has to do with police officers being accused of rape, prosecutors getting out of drunken driving charges, ticket fixing amongst police officers (OH REALLY?!?!?) and I am sure, there are a couple of police officers beating up some Blacks as I type.... and as you read......

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are The NBA Owners At Fault?

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So, the NBA owners want more money and want the players to make less. Of course, that's the mindset of corporations, we'll take the majority of the money, although people are paying money to see the players. Without the players, no money will be made, so you'd think there would be a middle ground. Of course, the players wouldn't make the type of money they make if the owners didn't agree with paying them this way.
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There was actually a time when owners and coaches ran their teams. There was even a time when players made less than the coaches. But, as the owners and the leagues started to realize that the players ARE the game, they started paying them an enormous amount of money simply because they could afford to and with the presence of the players, it  yielded them even more money! So, the philosophy shifted and rightfully so. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Would You Sue A Company For 80 Cents?

The world is in such a crazy state nowadays that nothing surprises me anymore. As I am reading the New York Daily News, as I do daily, I come across this article, Mom sues Century 21 for 80 cents, argues department store ripped her off. 

I've said this many times before, this society is sue happy for NO REASON at all most times as frivolous lawsuits just clog up the courts and prevents people who have real issues to get a satisfying and prompt court date because of suits like this. I remember several years ago, while I was living in Harlem, while in my car, I was hit by another vehicle and my car was damaged. I was a little shook up, but no injuries that warranted medical attention. My car was towed to a garage and one of the mechanics approached me and told me that they had a doctor who I can go see. I'm looking at him and saying, nah, I have my own doctor.  He goes on to tell me that this particular doctor can write up a report that basically says that I was injured and would need constant medical attention and that I can use this information to take to a lawyer that they also had ties to, in order to get a monetary judgment, heavily in my favor. Now, I can't front, for like, 6 seconds I thought about it but my moral compass completely took over and I told homeboy no and he even looked mad that I declined.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Do We Celebrate Hip-Hop's Hoodlums?
Free T.I., Free Lil Wayne, Free Gucci Mane, Free Waka Flocka, Free G Dep, Free Shyne, Free Prodigy, Free Slick Rick, Free Lil Kim, Free Foxy Brown. I think you get the idea!

But, I'm kinda confused. Why are we always trying to free criminals just because they can spit on a mic? What about the REAL innocent men and women in jail that shouldn't be? Why aren't we protesting their release? Better yet, why, if you or I, commit the same kind of crimes these rappers did, we, as a people, don't cry for justice for ourselves the way we stand up for these lyricists, oh wait, Waka Flocka is listed here, uh, artists?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Omar Thornton Shootings Show Us Racism Is Here To Stay

The mass murders committed by Connecticut resident, Omar Thornton, earlier this week, were a tragedy no doubt, but they reveal what a lot of Blacks still face nowadays. Regardless of how the media, politicians and local and federal law enforcement spin it, racism is alive and well and it’s kicking as hard now as it has in the past. The difference now is that it’s masked infinitely better than it was back then. Before it was a little more blatant, but now they’ve found ways to continue the ignorance right in front of us!

When you think about it, we can only compare racism to one thing and that’s our crazy uncle. The same one no one wants to see or hear at get-together’s. At family gatherings, you try your best to make sure he isn’t invited and when you find out is, you hope he doesn’t make it. But if he does, you try to keep him away from everyone and/or handle him with kid gloves because if he starts talking, the truth about the family is revealed and you can’t shut him up; and since he’s an alcoholic, you blame everything he says on his drinking, yet you never speak on the truths he is revealing and instead sweep them under the rug.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Caroline Giuliani Must Be Punished

Earlier this week, the daughter of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Caroline Giuliani, was arrested for shoplifting over a $100 worth of cosmetics from a Sephora store.
Can we say poetic justice?
As a born and bred New Yorker, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly New York City has to offer. I remember when crime was so bad that it was common for people to be robbed in the day just as much as in the night. So when the former renegade prosecutor took a stance on defeating and eliminating crime in his quest for mayor, he probably won because people had had enough of it and understandably so.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NAACP Endorses Legalizing Marijuana, Are They Smoking It?

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So, let me understand this. The NAACP’s Sacramento president, Alice Huffman, believes that marijuana should be legalized because Blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites for having the drug.
“It is time for them to stop using my community to fill the prisons,” Huffman said. “Once you get into the system, the next time you get arrested, they bump you up [to more serious charges].”

NAACP Endorses Legalizing Marijuana Due To Black Arrest Rates

OK, how about we encourage our people to stop smoking illegal drugs because it’s likely that we will get arrested for doing so? I know there are people who read this who will disagree with this statement. And on the flip side, since we are targeted more often than whites, how about, if you feel you must smoke an illegal drug, be as inconspicuous as our white counterparts, or just don’t smoke in public!
If there are other reasons or theories surrounding the NAACP’s support of legalizing marijuana, the organization needs to get it together and make a more valid argument. There are more compelling reasons than the one given above. Does this mean if Blacks are arrested more for murder than our white counterparts, should murder be legalized as well?

Friday, May 28, 2010

When Is The Right Time To Say ‘I Love You?’

When it comes to matters of the heart, there are always disputes on a number of things that can't or shouldn't be done, depending on who you're speaking to. Most people, especially when you're young, tend to take the advice of a close friend or family member who may have experienced some type of love or romance. And let's keep in mind, there IS a difference between love and romance, although you can and should experience both at the same time. But, nonetheless, the views on love, sex, intimacy and anything shared between two people are always varied. Which brings up a question a lot of people ask: When is a good time to say 'I love you!'

Surprisingly, people usually give a certain time frame or a minimum of time where it's ok to say that scary, yet, fulfilling sentence. If you were to take a poll and ask 10 people, more than likely, you'll get 12 different answers! Yes, I said 12 because you'll always have that person who can't decide for him or herself, what's acceptable to them so they float between 2, sometimes, 3 answers. But, is there really a right time to say 'I love you'?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's Up With Groupies and Society?

I'm reading the New York Daily News and come across a story about Roxana Shirazi, a rock groupie who recently wrote a tell-all book about the exploits of her, ahem, time with various rock stars. Members of groups such as Gun N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Papa Roach and Motley Crue, to name a few. I'm actually glad that this isn't specific to Hip Hop artists and/or Black athletes and entertainers, but it seems to be the thing for hos, er, women to purposely go after these stars, accumulate the amount of men they sleep with and then write a book and/or do a video about their exploits!

What is this world coming to? Women are ALWAYS complaining about men sleeping around, yet, there are women like Karrine Steffans aka Superhead and more recently, Kat Stacks, not only going after these celebrities, but then bragging and exposing them! And my question to these women, er, girls, is, do you map out where someone is going to be? Are you following artists everywhere in order to be in position to fuck with them, suck them off? Do you honestly get enjoyment from this? Are you a ho who has transitioned to being a money-hungry attention grabbing ho?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Has Love Been Taken Out Of Marriage?

There was a time many years ago, when the union of 2 people, were born out of love for one another. Then from there, the creating of a life was the next step based on the feelings people had for each other. A child would be born created by love between two individuals based on natural instincts. This was once the norm where, sadly, today, it’s becoming the exception.

Nowadays, lust has taken over for the creating of life because, usually, it’s not planned and/or expected between the individuals. The lack of protection and/or the lack of realizing the consequences have taken a giant step behind anything that would make sense. Oftentimes, this leads to a marriage of convenience (for the sake of the child and not because of love between the individuals involved) which, based on the reason for the union, ends up in divorce or extreme bitterness between the former ‘lovers’. So, the natural sequence has been broken up in the name of lust.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Black Man Killed By Cops....

Another Black person shot and killed by NYPD police officers. Another death at the hands of the people who are sworn and paid to protect the very same citizens they end up killing. Of course, I don't know the circumstances, but it seems to be an alarming pattern to shoot to kill Black people, despite or in spite of the situation. And, he had no criminal record but I would imagine if he did, it would have been key in the defense of the police officers.

I am still and will always be a staunch opponent of the shoot to kill mentality of police officers when it comes to facing Blacks. It always seems to me that at any other time, with a different race, in a similar situation, the police are never that quick to, not only shoot, but shoot to kill. How often do you hear of white people being shot to death by police officers in stark contrast to their Black counterparts?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is There Really An Industry Anymore?

I know, I know, I'm starting to sound like a bitter old parent reminiscing about the 'good ole days' but I'm starting to see a shift that is quite alarming. The industry, as we know it today, isn't the exclusive, 'pay your dues' mindset of recent years. I would never knock someone's hustle but it's too easy for people to 'think' they are part of the entertainment industry these days.

Even when I worked at The Source 4 years ago, these interns had the attitude that they didn't need to do anything to 'earn their stripes'. You can't go into a company and declare yourself a CEO when you're applying for an internship. People think they are the next Diddy, Puff, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs or whatever his moniker is today. Yes, Diddy stared as an intern and is now a mogul but even if you ask him, he will tell you that there are certain protocols and unwritten rules that must be followed in order to 'get ahead'. Some of these interns act as if they are doing you a favor by becoming an intern. I can guarantee that if Puff had that attitude 22 years ago, he wouldn't have gotten too far!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Reasons Why Bill Thompson Lost the NYC Mayoral Election

We live in a country that is quick to blame everyone but themselves when a situation doesn't work for them. In politics, it's not always about money despite people thinking so. Specifically, in New York City, people are trying to say Bloomberg bought his way into office each time he ran, but that isn't the case, in my opinion. But, let me focus on why Bill Thompson did not win the election.

The Soft Exterior: First off, Bill Thompson has a soft exterior. This is New York City, you HAVE to have a certain attitude and mind set to lead this city as evidenced by our past mayors. He didn't have any spirit, looks aloof and doesn't seem genuine or even sure of what he says or at least that's the impression I have. Bill Thompson has never had fire in him and when he tried to display that, it look forced, like his political strategist told him he has to have that fire in his eyes when he campaigns. Look at our recent mayors, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, Rudy Guiliani and Michael Bloomberg! All of them possesses that fire that if you wanted a fight, they would fight you until you're defeated or if they lose, it would be the toughest fight they've been in. Can you honestly see that in Bill Thompson?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can We Arrest Drunken Police Officers?

Why is it that in this society and specifically in New York City, the police are supposed to protect and serve but only if it's another police officer? Of course I will say that there are good cops but the whole police force takes a beating when they, um, are doing the beating. Whether it's beating civilians or beating the law, it' s getting to a point that they are, in fact, above the law, not the enforcers of the law. We always hear about police shooting, the majority of the time, minorities. It wouldn't be so bad if they mistreated all races but it's very rare you ever hear of police shooting whites!

But, that's not what this article is about today. We have witnessed 2 drunk driving cases in New York recently. Both cases involved drunken police officers who not only hit, but killed their victims. Innocent victims who may not have even seen the vehicles coming towards them. And both times, both cops refused to take a breathalyzer test and both times at least 5 hours passed before either cop had been tested. One passed the test after 7 hours of refusing and the other, after 5 hours, had 2 1/2 times the legal limit (imagine if he took the test sooner).

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why Is a Grown Man Depending on Another Grown Man?

OK, I will say this, I haven't heard the Beanie Sigel song yet but I am amazed that a grown ass man is relying on another grown man to take care of him. Now, my beef with Hip Hop and the mentality of the Black community is that if my man is of a certain status or he is a celebrity, he should be taking care of me. What kind of bullshit is that? Yes, it's cool when an artist brings his boys with him when he gets put on, but the ignorance factor usually ends up hurting an artist who is trying to have a successful career. The artist is being loyal and I understand that, but if your ignorant boys are preventing you from making money, are they really your boys?

Most times, when an artist is in any trouble, more than likely, it's one of his boys that is causing problems but the artist gets the attention from it, even though he may not have had anything to do with it. But people don't see the artist's boy, they see who the boy is hanging out with and attributes that problem to that artist. But, instead of containing his boy, he, instead, allows his boy to continue being an ass and preventing him from elevating his career, thus limiting or eliminating the financial earning aspect of the artist. All of this in the name of staying loyal or being concerned of being labeled a sellout if he cuts his boy off.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback!

OK, I've heard the whispers, people have been contacting me, the internet is boring, everyone is doing THE EXACT SAME THING and POSTING THE EXACT SAME CONTENT, 'WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK, CED?!?!??!?!

Yes, people, the fire is coming back, I'm ready to make the internet interesting again! I'm ready to start calling the fakes out, I'm ready to make people honest, I'm ready to be the BIG CED you've come to know over the years! I apologize for not being me, but sometimes you get off track when pursuing other things and trying to build your empire. But my voice, my words, my, um, venom, is what made me.... me. That is what made most of you want to know who BIG CED is and I am bringing that back!

Friday, September 18, 2009


In life there will, no doubt, be obstacles and it should be expected. But most people see obstacles in a negative way, but not me! I see obstacles as a strong way to build character, strength and a better understanding of yourself. I truly believe that obstacles are placed in front of you to test you, to see what you're really made of and to see if you can utilize your inner strength to deal with and then overcome them.

Some people go through their young life untested and when a situation presents itself that doesn't favor them, they usually revert back to their childhood ways or look for someone or something to get them out of it and if that does work, a pattern ensues once another situation occurs. This doesn't help or prepare them for obstacles that they have to handle themselves and they usually take a downward spiral because they lack the ability to comprehend and deal with it in a manner that will help them handle and jump over that hurdle. You can usually tell the type of people this applies to but they can't, won't and don't see it that way and then wonder why they have to have a crutch to rely on instead of dealing with it head on.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strategic Planning?

What happens when you are being set up for failure and you don't fail? Does the person or people setting you up stop? Or do they try to make it more difficult for you to accomplish what you set out to do? If those persons were deceptive from the start, do you go along with the deception therefore deceiving them into thinking you went for the deception in order to deceive them? Are you just as wrong as they are by doing that? Or do you carry out your original plan knowing you were deceived?

What if you know that their plan backfired, thereby making you look good in the process? Do you act like you don't know what's going on, although you do, for the sake of playing like you don't, just so you don't make them look or feel bad? Or do you give them not so obvious signs where they have to contemplate if it is what it is or is it not what it's supposed to be? Who ends up with the upper hand in this situation?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Disappointment With The Urban Media

I want to know why is it that whenever any Black artist/celebrity/entertainer/athlete is in any trouble, all the blogs, websites and magazines are quick to publish and report such bad behavior/news but the same mindset is missing whenever Black celebrities do positive things? We bitch and moan all the time about the negativity amongst our community but 'we' are quick to be the first to post it in the name of exclusive news. I do understand that it's because it increases hits for websites or chatter for other outlets but don't you think it can have the same effect when you report positive news?

The reason for this 'rant' is this article I read in today's NY Daily News- Rapper behind 'Roxanne's Revenge' gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D. Now, in defense of those who did not know, it's understandable because we didn't know, but how many of you, who has read this, repost or 'aggregate' this on your blogs/websites? If Dr. Roxanne Shante had shot and killed 3 people, you would have made sure your site had that on blast immediately!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Man’s Response To Why Women Cheat

So, I’m reading this article on the 'Hello Beautiful' site titled, 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat, and I have decided to give you women some advice based on what I have read:

Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

Ok, realize that men sometimes go through this as well so it’s not gender based when it comes to feeling lonely. The expectations placed on a man while in a relationship should be discussed as opposed to being expected, ESPECIALLY if your man happens to be popular or very driven when it comes to his career or work. If you are feeling lonely, it is up to you to include him in other activities that he may not normally be involved in where you wouldn’t feel so lonely. Also, keep in mind that, just like women, guys like to hang out with the fellas every now and then, so if your expectations are greater than he is willing to give, then you may have to resort to the infamous female support group! Otherwise, occupy your time with your passion and goals so that way when the two of you DO get up, the time together will be cherished even more while both of you are trying to achieve personal goals and dreams!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artists, STOP Being So Sensitive!!!!

One of the biggest laughs today is hearing about the news about the 'fight' between The Black Eyed Peas' Will. I. Am and Perez Hilton. Funny because I can't picture ANYONE wanting to fight ANY member of The Black Eyed Peas, well, let me rephrase that, funny because I can't see ANY of the members (Except maybe Fergie) having the guts to actually fight! But then again, it WAS Perez Hilton, who doesn't exactly strike fear in ANYONE!

Supposedly, the basis of this 'beef' is that Will. I. Am asked Perez Hilton to stop dissing them in his blog and Perez said no and allegedly, Black Eyed Peas tour manager, Polo Molina, punched Perez. It's still funny that anyone with any male chromosome in them, would hit Perez. This brings me to say this to artists: STOP BITCHIN!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Young Rappers Need Teachin'....

So, I'm reading blogs, websites and watching videos of these young rappers bitchin' about rappers like Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and even Redman and Method Man, still in the game, recording, releasing albums and doing shows. What these little bitchin rappers don't realize is that these and other older artists have this thing called a CAREER! They have stood the test of time! They have STUDIED what it takes to still matter over the years, although styles have changed and we are officially in the ring tone era of Hip Hop.

Wait, my bad, it's the Auto-Tune era and if it weren't so, half the rappers you are listening to today wouldn't be off their block, so I guess I can understand the bitterness when these wack ass rappers have no clue on how to build a career beyond 'x amount' of ring tones sold! If you see the press releases I get from publicists and labels bragging about how many ring tones their artists sold and then you don't hear about them a year from now, you'd laugh, as I do when I read it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Online Solicitation

OK, it's seems like it's now a daily occurrence that someone who follows me on Twitter or sends me an email, asks me to vote for them in some online contest or to vote for them so they can obtain a high number of votes to gain interest in some online contest. Nothing wrong with that cause this is the way of the world today. My problem is the method used or lack of thought placed into the solicitation!

Now, ever since I can remember, I've met the best rapper, artist, singer so many times and through so many people that whenever someone claims to be the best, they sound like Charlie Brown's teacher in my ears. Yeh, I'm used to that approach, so it's easy for me to tune people out when they claim to be the best. Only problem being is that they may be the best in their house or room, but that's besides the point. I get requests DEMANDING that I vote for someone or just based on their solicitation, I should automatically vote for them JUST because they requested! This will cause me to not only IGNORE the person and request, but it will make me make SURE I don't even go NEAR the site they are asking me to vote on!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Police Shootings

It's become so commonplace to hear that a black man was shot by a police officer. You never hear about white people being shot by cops. It seems that police officers have a natural instinct to shoot/kill a black man, even if he hasn't committed a crime! Only thing needed is a presumption that a crime has been committed or looks like a crime may have been done or even look like a crime may happen to take place and it (The shooting) is a preventive measure.

And it is in part racial, because minority cops have no problem shooting other minorities! Is it acceptance by their white peers that makes them feel like they can or is it the Police Department's way of training and teaching how to handle minorities? I can't ever recall hearing a black officer shooting a white 'suspect' without probable cause. Shit, EVEN WITH probable cause! That's probably cause the punishment will be harsh for shooting a white person than it is for killing a black one! Wait! There is usually no punishment for a cop killing a black man. Maybe this is why there is no restraint when a police officer pulls a weapon on a black man.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Are Black People Stupid?

Are Black people stupid? And if so, did I get that memo? The reason I ask is because I've noticed in politics, whenever a Black runs for office, it is naturally assumed that Black people will ALWAYS vote for Black candidates, simply because they are Black. Now, it doesn't matter if the person isn't qualified for the job just as long as he/she is Black and that and ONLY that reason is necessary to gain the votes of other Blacks.

Since I live in the New York City area, I am being told, indirectly, that I HAVE to vote for Comptroller William Thompson for mayor because, as a Black man, I have to support him. And although Governor Patterson is not doing such a great job, I MUST vote for him for re-election because, hey, he's Black! And you do know that Barack Obama is a Black man, so we MUST continue the trend of electing Blacks to office!